Taking a Swing at Social Media with the BB&T Atlanta Open

Taking a Swing at Social Media with the BB&T Atlanta Open

I never thought I would ever cheer at a tennis tournament.

Now, don’t get me wrong, tennis isn’t exactly a huge sport in the midwest like it is right here in Atlanta. Even starting at the agency, I was surprised at how many of my co-workers actively played the sport. Did you know that Atlanta has the most active tennis players in the country? Yeah, crazy.

Just this last winter, we landed a great tennis tournament that was held right here in Atlanta and that was the first stop on the US Open Tour–the BB&T Atlanta Open. My tennis-fluent colleagues immediately became right at home with the BB&T Atlanta Open. I, on the other hand, had some researching to do. Because I was involved with social media and Facebook advertising with some of our local clients, I was recruited to become the social media coordinator that managed and promoted on all social media channels leading up-to and during the tournament.

It was no easy feat promoting a tournament for a sport I knew little to nothing about in the beginning. But after many hours of research and teaching from my racquet-wielding colleagues, I became pretty enlightened. Working with my team, we hashed out a content calendar, created posts, developed contests and sweepstakes and created and managed paid ads on Facebook.

The promotion period lasted for 4 months and the efforts resulted more than double revenue generated in online ticket sales and a 13% increase in Facebook, 20% increase in Twitter and 160% increase in Instagram followers since last year’s tournament.

I had a great time being a part of the tournament and now call myself a fan. Now, onto the court!