John & Megan Engagement

John & Megan Engagement

One of the most fun shoots I’ve had. John and Megan wanted to announce their engagement with a BANG!

On a cold morning in February, my friend John, his fiancé Megan and I met at an old warehouse lot near Main Street St. Charles. They wanted to have a photo session to announce their engagement to their friends and family. This wasn’t your typical engagement shoot they wanted,  it was a lot more fun… and messy.

The week before, John and Megan had bought various types of colored chalk from overseas to use in the shoot. During the session, the two lovebirds pummeled each other with different colors of chalk, making puffs of colorful clouds in the air and covered themselves with the dense pigments.

The resulting pictures turned out cute and fun for the couple, and made a great memory of starting their lives together.

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