Nfinity Website Design


A website redesign for the Atlanta-based shoe and sporting apparel company.


Nfinity, an Atlanta-based company that produces sporting shoes and apparel for women, came to WC+G looking to redesign their out-dated e-commerce website. The look needed to be fresh, edgy, and have it easier for visitors to buy merchandise.

The final website design consists of a sports roulette that goes through the three main sports categories of Nfinity products. The user has the ability to interact with the home page by scrolling through different images of athletes as well as various phrases of empowerment. From viewing the athletes, visitors have the ability to directly select and purchase merchandise worn by the athlete pictured.


For this project, I concepted, art directed, and designed the website layout and design. I worked directly with a team of web developers to put the final web design in motion. The project took approx. 6-7 months to make live.

Early Concept of the Design

My first concept designed for the client was one of my favorites, although it didn’t make it to be the final design in the end.

For this concept, the site would rely heavily on parallax elements interacting with the athletes depicted. It also shows a dichotomy of cleanliness and disarray when scrolling through vignettes and products. 

The design showcases monochromatic scenes that give the athlete the power to display the beauty of their movements. The products, such as Nfinity’s shoes, are treated to give a strong presence against a stark background to showcase even the smallest detail.

Interactive 1-Click Product Shopping

When viewing the home page, the viewer can directly select products worn by the depicted athlete for a faster buying process. This also gives the shopper an idea of how the product looks on an actual body, rather than free-standing on the page.

Responsive Design

Website adjusts for different screen sizes as well as allowing the user to shop online using their mobile device.

Clean E-Commerce Interface

New and simple product showcase to ease the process of purchase. Each product detail page contains various angles of view as well as full detail of product information.