Raul & Bori Moreno

Raul & Bori Moreno

Spontaneity is something you truly appreciate in a wedding. This wedding truly took the cake!

I just got back from shooting my cousin’s wedding and man, was it fun. Between the ceremony and the reception, we had about 3 hours to go around the town and photograph the wedding party and their families. First, we went to the Rec Plex and took care of the necessary family and wedding party group shots. The park area is a local favorite for weddings since it contained a quaint gazebo and beautiful pond.

Following the park, we took the bus en route to Historic Main Street, another great photography spot for newlyweds. During transit, we come to pass a mall a large carnival with old-school rides and games set up in the parking lot.  There was no question, we had to stop and have some fun.

The energetic party was able to pose on the rides and the bride and groom even rode a couple all while still in their dress and tux. Of course this is something they will never forget about their wedding day and I am glad I was there to document it.

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