Hello, I’m Sadie Lesko, an art director and graphic design professional based in Atlanta.

Being a multi-facetted creative, I strive to break the mold of “traditional” thinking in advertising. From the “big idea” down to executions in print, digital, social, video and beyond, the possibilities are endless.

Art Direction & Copywriting

Responsible for overseeing both the creative direction as well as providing copy for many creative projects.


Developed cohesive messaging as well as look-and-feel for brands ranging from local to national.

Digital Design & Web Development

Skills in HTML, HTML5, CSS and WordPress. Knowledgable in email design and experienced in ESPs such as Mail Chimp.

Photography & Photo Editing

Experience in retouching and photo editing, as well as working with photographers/DPs on set.

Print Production

Knows industry's best practices in building a variety of works intended for print.

Social Media

Developed social campaigns based on major social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.