Goodwill of North Georgia

Brand Identity Campaign

Client: Goodwill of North Georgia
Services: Branding Campaign


Goodwill of North Georgia was looking to make a splash with a new brand campaign that would boost excitement for shopping, promote donations, and educate their audience about career services all while elevating the brand.


It starts with an act of well…goodwill.

Donating  the things that someone else could really use or even better, reuse.

The things you might not need anymore, or might not have ever used at all, but someone else will truly love having.

Something they feel good about wearing, reading, listening to, a piece of art that you never got around to hanging up, dishes you don’t use that someone else would have never been able to afford, that loveseat you thought you could get a little extra money for, but it’s still just sitting there in the corner…unloved.

And the better those donations, the better the shopping. Whether it’s the “I got this” power of a business outfit that’s going to help you nail that job interview, or the clothes your teenager is saying, “everyone is wearing”…and they really are. The fun of finding a rare book, a quirky, colorful clock that seems like it was just waiting for you to find it. Or the dignity that comes with being able to eat dinner with your family at that dining room table you found last weekend.

And every step leads to something that makes us all better.  Creating opportunities that give someone the chance to prove themselves, or get back on their feet again and feel that sense of pride in hearing the words, “you’re hired”.

That’s the cycle of good and the beauty of it is that while it empowers and uplifts, it can also be, and should also be…fun.

Fun to donate things and simplify your life a little. Fun to shop knowing there’s something new to be found each time. And fun to know that you’re a part of something greater.  A community that stretches across North Georgia that helps lift up others around you.

And it all starts with an act of goodwill.

Pre-Roll Video


Outdoor Takeover

Goodwill of North Georgia took over the city of Atlanta during a traffic block, where they were displayed on every Clear Channel billboard within in a 20 mile radius for 10 minutes straight in the morning and evening rush hour on Giving Tuesday.


Digital Display and High-Impact Units

Organic Social Content

More winter accessories than you can wear? Help us keep the good going by bringing your seldom worn items to a Goodwill near you. Your donations don’t just become someone’s new clothes, they turn into jobs and career training for people all across North Georgia.

‘Tis the season of snowball fights, sipping hot cocoa and giving. Spread seasonal cheer with a donation to your local Goodwill. Go #Goodwilling today.

A thoughtful present is just as delightful to the giver as to the gifted. And when that’s a Goodwill find, the good keeps going and reverberates in the lives of people across North Georgia. 


Campaign is currently running in market. Results pending completion.